Saturday, 15 July 2017

TOM – You written a new poem then Dick?

DICK – That’s right snot face. It’s the canine testicles.

TOM – Is that what it’s called?

DICK – No, my dumb little friend, that means it’s the dog’s bollocks, which means it’s fucking brilliant. Thoughtful, insightful, and relevant to the world today.

TOM – Wow! You must be exhausted. Do you want brunch?

DICK – That’s very middle class of you but I'd go some Coco Pops in yak milk.

TOM – No yak milk. Sorry. Will lager be OK?

DICK – Perfect. Being a genius makes you really really hungry. And thirsty.

I’m the king of the shitters
a toilet V-I-P.
It all comes out
big and brown, won’t flush down,
I think it’s all the crap I eat.

Dick is a poemy master genius. Tom is a sock counting wanker. Together they live in a cartoon blunderland.

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