Saturday, 1 April 2017

TOM – Dick, I’ve just read that new poem from Miss Tina.

DICK – Good ain’t it. I love poems from ladies. They smell nice.

TOM – Should I post it on our bloggy blog thing.

DICK – Of course Tom. I don’t want to stop you from doing your exercises but poems don’t post themselves. Just smell those verbs and all those petalled wordies.

TOM – It’s very deep and meaningful. I’ve heard of hair conditioner, but …

DICK – Hair conditioner is a very nice mid-afternoon drink. I suspect Miss Tina’s poem is about poo coming out of yer bum but I’ve not had time to read it proper yet as there’s been poo coming out of me bum. Let’s read …

“Morning Sickness, 12th Grade”

Graffiti on the wall of the girl’s bathroom stall
“I am the passionate moss of hopeless contradictions that is the human condition” -
And then, 
“I love somewhat deranged”.
I wonder what that means.
I guess it’s better than, 
“Rainbow was here”, 
“Fuck all ya’ll hoes”.
by Tina Hernandez

A small press published Tina's collection of literary short stories, Twenty Troubled Ladies, and used a short horror story, My Aunt Vicky's House, in a collection by multiple authors. Both are available on Amazon. 

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