Wednesday, 3 February 2016

TOM - Amy's at it again.

DICK - At what?

TOM - You know.

DICK - No Tom. I don't.

TOM - Do too.

DICK - What like destruction of the Western world? Eating trees? Mole farming? Counting lampposts? Spill the beans my little sock counting wanker.

TOM - You know. Poem stuff .

DICK - Oh that.

TOM - Don't yer like Amy's poems?

DICK - Yeah I do, it's just … well … I thought when you said she's at it again you were talking about masturbation.

TOM - I don't know what that is.

DICK - Do you rub me up the wrong way on purpose?

TOM - I want to go home now please.

DICK - Sock counting wanker.

TOM - Complete and utter wanker.

DICK - Only into yer favourite socks.

TOM - STOP! STOP! STOP! It's poem time.