Wednesday, 6 November 2013

DICK - Ever wondered about poo smoothies, Tom?

TOM - I remember that strawberry and banana one you once made.  Shame we didn't have any strawberries and you used raw meat.  Gave it a lamby taste.

DICK - We didn't have any banana either.

TOM - What was that then?

DICK - Brillo Pads.

TOM - That might explain why it was a bit stringy?  Didn't like it that much, sorry Dick.  Not a drink I would order in a restaurant.  Can't beat a steaming mug of brussel sprout tea.

DICK - So true Tom.  The magic green brew.  But Tom, you really should try a choclatey poo smoothie.

TOM - Yeah.  OK.

DICK - I'll be ready to make you one … in about … an hour I reckon.  Meanwhile we could read this new poem from Jordan Moffatt.  I found it very inspiring.  Do you fancy pancakes tomorrow? 

TOM - Plan.

Liquidy Poo by Jordan Moffatt

Liquidy Poo

Liquidy poo.
Poo so liquidy
you could drink it
though a straw
Or pour it on
your pancakes.
Class, turn to page 216
in your textbooks.
Look for the heading
"Liquidy Poo".
Who likes to read aloud?
Who likes liquidy poo?
Who would like to read aloud about
liquidy poo?